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Communal Co-operatives

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Com-Ops stands for Communal Co-operatives.

The LGF is in some ways a precursor to a Cooperative and therefore this step should also be made.

What we, at Nesseq, envision would be a Communal Cooperative, which should take over tasks from the municipality.

In other words, the town would be run by the citizens!

This will make the municipalities much leaner, just as there was once the leaner state and production.

If this should happen it means that the town taxes will have to go down!

Some ideas!

The TOTEM System, the ULCV – Ultra Light City Vehicles as a cab service or/as as a car rental, Recycling in the neighborhood, an urban Kibbutz and more!

Example Frankfurt

In Frankfurt/M. such a cooperative could take over the examples shown in our page.

Example Buetgenbach

This example is simple because the community is much smaller.

Buetgenbach is a small community in the DG (German Community) to the east of Belgium.


In addition to the LGF, there is the possibility of an Ecological Stock Exchange and Leasing Companies.
The website a non-profit company has launched a non-profit stock corporation.

Those are initiatives, which should not lose money, but reduce their profit for the good of environment and society!

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