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Climate Change No Problem

Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Ecology | 1 comment

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Climate Change, or Global Warming, is today still a controversial topic. As already mentioned in the last posts even Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry, who both would like to be the Republican candidate for the presidency of the USA do not take the possibility of a Climate Change serious. As Rick Perry purports, that science is not settled over the issue of Climate Change and therefore there is no reason to adjust economic policy to such a possibility.

Every major scientific discovery was first disputed by the authorities. Galileo Galilei is a fitting example. Today it is about Climate Change/Global Warming and the scientists who deny that it is caused by mankind. This can be clearly seen in the film The Great Globl Warming Swindle by Martin Durkins, which disputes global warming. (Clip at the bottom of post.)

All witnesses in the film relate only to the CO2 caused by man as a factor in the Climate Change. Professor Tim Ball, right at the beginning of the film, does not deny Global Warming, he just does not believe that it is caused by human produced CO2.

The burning of fossil fuel is simply releasing the CO2 which has been bound by plants of hundreds of million of years ago. Now those guys are scientist and I am not, still I got one question. How can a diminishing source of Photosynthesis (1), Forests and Phytoplankton (2), fight against more CO2 in the air in order to keep the balance? Not once in the film are other Greenhouse gases (3), such as Methane (4), mentioned. There is no doubt that more Methane is release into the atmosphere because of the increased livestock on earth, since everybody wants meat and dairy products every day. And a growing world population want the same luxury. This demands more landscape for agriculture and the result is that more forests are destroyed. All the while the Forests, together with the Phytoplankton in the oceans are the main resources for the Photosynthesis on earth. No one has to be a rocket scientist to understand, that an increase in CO2 and a decrease in Photosynthesis is liable to disturb a delicate balance in the atmosphere.

The scientists also relate only to the time after the last Ice Age (5). If they go that far at all, most diagrams shown are only about the last hundreds of years. This is humane, but nature measures time in a completely different scale. The history of our planet (6) is measured in millions and millions of years. Which is beyond the scope of a scientist, who gives the excuse for the politicians to do the wrong things. And the wrong is done if our politicians are neglecting the possibility of a Climate Change or the severity of it. In the film the Climate Change warners are accused of commercializing their cause, otherwise they would be out of a job. This might be so, and I personally believe it to be true in some cases, but the same holds true to the other camp as well. Who tells me that the Climate Change deniers are not only in it for the money or prestige?

Furthermore the film purtorts that Global Warming hysteria is just about hindering Africa to develope. To also become a 1. World continent, with all the negative repercussions. Perhaps some environmentalists go that far, for sure we, at Nesseq, do not agree with this. As we always assert, only economic development is the human way of reducing world population. The Economic-Demographic Paradox (7) must be applied. Every other way of reducing world population to a healthy, sustainable level would mean to take into account that millions and millions of people will have to die. This is unacceptable. The question is not whether the so called 3. World should develop or not but rather how far to develop? Perhaps the level of the 2.World would be sufficient as the first step. This should’nt be too hard a condition since this means already a huge step forward for millions of people. The justice is that the 2.World is the pivotal point between 1. and 3. World. And this is the real place were the 1.World has to descend to in order to be sustainable.

As Professor Tim Ball implied, Climate Change is perhaps not caused by mankind, still it might be happening as a natural cycle and the next Ice Age or, the opposit, a heated up period is possible shouldn’t humanity get prepared for the worst-case scenario. To fail to do so could mean that our scientists and politicians are irresponsible. Another movie, which also contest the Climate Change is called Not Evil Just Wrong (Clip 2.). All those people should ask themselfs, that if they are wrong and Climate Change is happening, if they are not evil?


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The picture was taken from and shows a Phytoplankton Bloom in the North Sea.

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