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Climate Change and the Individual

Posted by on May 17, 2010 in Climate Change | 11 comments

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On the 14. of May 2010 I published a post about the use of Industrial Hemp as a means to fight Climate Change. And on the 11.May 2010 a post about the consumption of Meat as a cause of Climate Change. Some reactions were pretty fierce against my statements.

Robert Minahan says that Industrial Hemp has nothing to do with Climate Change. Some people think that eating cockroaches in the future is still disgusting. But no one really answers the question how to provide 9 billion people in the year 2050 with enough proteins. The damage to nature in order to supply the present demand for meat will be worse for 9 billion people. Which is a growth of 30%!

Trees need years to grow while hemp needs 120 days. What is more preferable to grow for producing paper? Trees or hemp? The logic would say hemp. But this is not so. More hemp products and less meat consumption, among other things, seem to be taboo.

Better not to talk about it unless one wants to upset people.

This is exactly not right. Even if it’s upset people we have to talk about it. Everyone of us has to think about the little steps s/he can take in order to fight climate change. It is not enough to wait for politics and economy to solve the problems. If it helps fight the climate change to use hemp products or to eat less meat, to separate the garbage, to recycle, to drive less with your car then this has to be done. If politics don’t do their job, we the constituency have to put pressure on the politicians. If the economy doesn’t provide us with the products, we the consumers have to put pressure on them by demanding the products.

All this beside the possibilities offered by Nesseq like the Loan Guaranty Fund, Co-operatives, TOTEM System and Ultra Light City Vehicles. Furthermore vegetarian restaurants can be opened in every neighborhood so that the demand for meat will be reduced. Families can reduce their meat consumption by cooking less meat dishes.

Every little step helps!

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    • Admin (Max)

      Hi there,
      printing is the best way of keeping track of posts that you think are good or important.
      But you have to consider, that you might be wasting paper. If you print too much ( not just from Nesseq), you will have just a bulk of paper in your shelf. The second best way of keeping track is to add a website to your favorite list.

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  9. Mike the Green Lover

    In the home or on the road, daily activities cause emissions of greenhouse gases. Individuals can produce greenhouse gas emissions directly by burning oil or gas for home heating or indirectly by using electricity generated from fossil fuel burning.

    Within every country, per person emissions can vary depending on a person’s location, habits and personal choices. For example, the types of fuel used to generate the electricity a person uses can lead to different levels of emissions.

    A power plant run on coal emits more greenhouse gases per unit of electricity than a power plant that uses natural gas. How much you drive and your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, as well as time spent idling in traffic, also affect the level of emissions. In addition, the amount of recycling done by a person in his or her home can affect emissions by reducing the amount of methane-generating waste sent to landfills.

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