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Climate Change and Survival

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The TOTEM System

Climate Change is distinctly possible and hard times are awaiting. And if it is not the Climate Change the problem with the global overpopulation should not be underestimated.
To imagine the combined effects of both Climate Change and Overpopulation is truly terrifying (1).

Although a lot is going in the right direction, politically and technologically, I can’t help myself feeling not to optimistic.
The Paris Agreement (2) was supposed to signal a united international front in the fight against Climate Change.
I haven’t read the agreement and I am certain it has its flaws, but the main goal was to induce a sense of a new beginning in the global population.
We will tackle the problem!

Alas, president Trump decided to get the USA out of its obligations. This is sending the wrong signals to the world (3).

The fallout of this regression can’t be known, but on thing is for certain, America is giving up the leadership. Politically and technologically. While the rest of the world is progressing towards the future America drives in the same direction in reverse gear!

About the political course there are only speculations possible. We will have to wait and see how it will play out.

But on the technological front many new and exiting things are happening.
Modern technology is constantly developed how to produce electricity and to store it.
Just two instances, the Solar Thermal Dish by the Australian National University (4) and the Diamond Batteries developed by the University of Bristol Cabot Institute (5).

By the way, something like the Solar Thermal Disk is already described in my web blog as the Total Energy Modulation – TOTEM (6).

There is one decisive difference between the TOTEM and the Solar Thermal Disc. The Solar Thermal Disc is relying solely on the sun, while the TOTEM is an ensemble of many different energy sources.

The advantage of the TOTEM is that even in the case of a breakdown of the infrastructure a neighborhood can still function. With all the other fancy technologies only one aspect is solved.

Climate Change is distinctly a possibility and the only hope is to get prepared for a worst-case scenario.
This is not something I see is happening and this worries me!

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