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Children and a uncertain Future!

Posted by on Nov 7, 2010 in Ecology | 18 comments

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The children which are born today, will in the middle of the century be 40 years old. The children born 10 years ago will be 50. People in the middle of their lives and perhaps having children of their own.

What kind of future will they have? Will they have a decent live or will they have to fight for survival?

It can be taken for granted, that in the year 2050 World Population will be around 9 billion people. Whether the Climate Changes or not is not clear now, but there are indicators that this just might happen.

9 billion people competing for food, water and space to live will be no picnic. If all the people will want to live the way the people of the rich countries live today seems impossible. A changed climate will make such utopia totaly impossible. Alone the fact, that the level of the seas will rise as a result of the Climate Change will create Eco-refugees, which will try to move landwards. The afore mentioned competition will eventually aggravate. This will cause wars!

Everyone older then 20-30 years of age, must ask her and himself how to proceed in life. Do you want children? Today? With such a tomorrow? That is the day, our children will be es old as we are today. And how many children can we afford to have? 1 or 2? In order to keep the global population stable every woman can have 2.33 children and no more.

What do we realy offer our children as a inevitable heritage? A destroyed nature and a changing climate. But no alternatives. 

To add to the bleak outlook comes, that the fiscal debts accumulated today, will have to be paid back in the future. Not being able to do so, might jeopardize, the already not stable global economy.

Or all debts will have to be remitted. And not just the debts of the developed countries but the debts of all countries. If this will have to happen in the future, then we can start doing it today!

The children are young but not stupid. The possibility of a eco-catastrophe, overpopulation and the financial situation can not to be eradicated from the sub conscience, it can only be suppressed.

As long as no alternative ways are shown our children will not have hope. There is no time to be lost, alternatives have to be tried today, so our children will know what to do in the future.

And when the catastrophe will not happen, nothing is lost. At least we know we have done everything in our might to meet a worst-case scenario. It is just like taking out an insurance policy for our children. Like saving money for a good education of our children.

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