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Cheers, Chelsea Clinton!

Posted by on Jul 30, 2010 in Ecology | 34 comments

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Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Ex-President Bill Clinton and the present secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be wed.

Why that in itself became such a news issue is behind me but there must be some reason for it. Perhaps one automatically becomes a celebrity just by being the child of famous people. Normally I would pity her for it, because it does not make her live easy, but in this case I want to congratulate the Clinton family to this happy occasion. And may Chelsea have a wonderful marriage for ever after.

The avid reader might ask, what has Chelsea Clinton’s wedding has to do with Nesseq?

Not much except for the fact, that Chelsea Clinton will cater at her wedding Vegan food! Ms. Clinton is since her teen years a vegan.

Veganism is the most ecological way of feeding human beings as I have tried to show in the post Meat Consumption and Climate Change.

It is to be hoped, that because such a celebrity as Chelsea Clinton starts to serve vegan food at her wedding many people will simply follow suit and eat less meat. Paul McCartney supports the Meat Free Monday initiative. Many more people should eat less meat and use less animal products. The land, water and energy needed to raise the animals and to transport them could be saved!

Another fact is, that when World Population rises as expected it will simply be impossible to feed everyone with as much meat as is consumed in the rich countries. Further post to this topic will follow soon.

As a conclusion it remains to wish Chelsea Clinton and her bridegroom a long and healthy life and a happy marriage.

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  1. Loura Schram

    You made a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found most folks will have the same opinion with your blog.

  2. Zainab

    Are you a bad writer or this is the worst article written by you ?

  3. Vinnie

    Good site Max, …. Cant say the same about this article however!

  4. Baurn

    to be honest i never comment !! but the stupidity and ridiculosity of this article just way too much to handle !!!!

    this chelsea whatever and her family are the garbage of the american society, i don’t see the point in your article.

  5. George Hera

    you had few good articles, this one is not of them.

  6. Kiera

    I am only commening to say : BAD ARTICLE !!

  7. Tyra

    Bad Reading material for my health and brain !!!!
    are in love with the clinton’s … dude ? prmoting how VEGAN is she ? YUK

  8. Susan

    Horrible Article Max !! be REAL

  9. Johnny Mafia

    Who f*c*ing cares! She has a mouth like the joker on batman. All the people in the world that are doing without because of rich scamartists-no different in this situation. Remember Clintons 200 dollar haircut? The rich have no problem wasting their money. Cool thing is, and the way the stats go these days, they are both destined for divorce as they march down the wedding isle. Numbers don’t lie, and that is more than 60 percent of people will end in divorce on their first marriage.

    Your site is more about Hypocrisy, which is the act of persistently professing beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that are inconsistent with one’s actions. Hypocrisy is thus a kind of lie.

  10. Sandy

    It’s very depressing being married to a Jew IF you like Christmas and he wont allow it and he lights the menorah instead. VERY DEPRESSING… for me anyhow. I’m much happier with a regular MAN that likes CHRISTMAS.

  11. Shawn

    I don’t understand why Chelsea Clinton getting married is such big news. So what if she is the daughter of former President Clinton.

    Out of all the important things the news can report on they show us something that is of no consequence whatsoever.

  12. Aaron

    Before the Wedding ….Chelsea was seen in the Stable munching on carrots and apples….. opps, no meat in here ๐Ÿ˜€


  13. Michael

    The economy is terrible, people have no jobs, people are losing their homes, and the Clintons spend zillions on this wedding. They make Marie ” Let the people eat the VEGAN cake” Antionette of France look like a populist.

    Veganism is the most ecological way of feeding human beings !! she can eat cockroaches !! i will be happy for this.

  14. Kevin L.


    $3.5 mil for a wedding is nothing more than a Hillary 2012 Campaign rally ! and you are happy about her VEGAN cake !!

    Be Real buddy !! write real stuff so people can get back to you.

  15. Liam

    Yeah well give it five years he will cheat on her then they will get a divorce!

  16. George

    OH GOD !! Max what is this , what you becoming a celebrity site ?? these are the ugliest Criminals I have ever seen next the bHO’s ! I wish them all anal cancer and a pain but quick ending.

  17. Miriam

    I wish her the best and I hope it lasts. My 3rd marriage is going strong.

  18. Johnna

    People need to stop hating, start reading the Bible, do something to better themselves, get an education, stop being ugly to people that have the means to do better, some people out there in this world are mean, crude. rude. If they can’t say anything good about anyone, don’t say anything at all. It’s not our fault they(negative persons) are not well off. They just want to blame somebody else for they’re problems.

  19. Benyamin

    When Jenna Bush got married, you didnt hear anything about it, and her dad was President at the time. I like Oslama’s reasoning why he didnt get invited. The Clintons wanted to keep it a private ceremony. I knew he was living in lala land, but look at the number of celebs who were invited. They didn’t want Oslama there for other reasons. Deep down Barry O doesnt like being snubbed, but since he’s in denial, he might never realize it. Next month he’ll blame Bush for his not being invited.
    I have a morphing program on my computer, I started out with a photo of Bill Clinton and had it morphed into one of Joan Rivers and I got Chelsea’s picture.

  20. James

    ugggh…..she looks just like her worthless mom.

    anyway, what this has to do with your site ? OH .. wedding vegan food.

    This is rediciolous.

  21. Sandler

    Did the bride’s mother have Bin Laden tailor her gown?

  22. Truth Teller

    A few years ago before they stole everything out of the White House these hillbillys from Arkansas would be serving everybody at that fancy place their coffee and refilling their water glasses

  23. Tara

    dear is disgusting that anyone would marry that disgusting back of teeth pig Clinton…only for money and a case of beer I’m sure…what a disgustingly ugly revolting horse-mouthed swine.

  24. Tod

    Who cares, don’t we have more important things to talk about? climate change for example ?

  25. Nancy

    Hi Max ๐Ÿ™‚ How are you doing ? how is everything ? how is life ? you seems bored ?? maybe ? or maybe not ??

    Getting back to the subject, folks………Seriously, who gives a rats @$$?

  26. Nancy

    I give it 2 years… IF she’s a big Christmas fan and he’s the opposite (kippur day?). It’s very sad if you marry a jerk like I did.

  27. Matt

    Who Cares??!! Chelsea Clinton is a douchebagette!

  28. John K.

    Well, that makes sense. A member of the Clinton Crime Family is marrying into a crime family. It all makes sense to moi!

  29. Abear

    Come on Max ?? Who cares, Let them be happy and live there life.

    I am so sick of this, you put on the tv and so and behold it is the news story, you turn on your computer and here it is again, you go to a climate change site and here it is again !!!!

    Is their not more important things in this world to be worried about? i am disappointed of your site !! you becoming cheap and chasing cheap topics for rating.

  30. Katherine

    PLEEEEEASE DUDE ! Do not interrupt my program to show the uninteresting wedding. The Clintons are so narcissistic and can’t stand to be out of the lime light. Who gives a flying flip their fugly child is getting married.

  31. Jim

    Sorry, they ae just run of mill people, or did the Author (Max) run of articles. There are many,many people and topics more interesting than this Chelsea whatever. Thier actions both good and bad are nothing special about that. I hope they have a good life. I won’t be following it unless it has some real interest in the future. break up maybe ??

  32. Lisa

    Vegan, gluten-free wedding cake. There could be nothing more of-the-moment than to serve an eco-friendly, animal-cruelty free, health conscious cake at the wedding of the decade. (I’d like to say century, but it’s only 2010 …) Even for those who would likely never opt for a vegan dessert, we bet this will be one hell of a tasty cake.

  33. Jorge

    What’s the problem? Child of former, corrupt politicians marries another child of former, corrupt politicians.

  34. Alliyah

    Really Max !!! Who cares about her getting married, she is so ugly and who cares about her fiance’s family and there past and there adopted children, it’s none of our business or golbal warming business !!!

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