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Why a Center for Maritime Living?

The question is rather simple: Is it possible that the level of the seas will rise as a result of the Climate Change?

If there is only a slight chance that this might happen than a CML should be established.
An answer must be found how people can survive living on water for a prolonged period of time. Being cut off from supplies and services such as food, potable water, waste recycling – disposal and energy.

The fields of research should concentrate on:
1.    Self-sufficiency
in regards to food production, waste water treatment and energy.
2.    Storm resilience
If the level of the seas will rise the water will heat up and storms will become more ferocious.
3.    How does a TOTEM System operate on unstable grounds?

To get prepared in time for worst case scenarios might be greatly appreciated in the future!


The graphics introduced here were made as an entry to the Guggenheim Museum and Google

Design It: Shelter Competition.

The unused port of Tel Aviv was chosen as the location for the shelter.

If the buoncy chambers are taken off the units can also be built on dry land!

The houseboats depicted in the clip are based on the measures given by the contest, in real live the houseboats would look totally different.

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