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Capitalism and Climate Change

Posted by on Sep 26, 2010 in Sustainability | 19 comments

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We live globally in a purely Capitalist society. The Iron Curtain is gone and only North Korea is clinging to a Ideology and a strange Personality Cult. Even Cuba, is presently, trying to find exit from the communist predicament.
One characteristic of the Communist ideology was the believe in a rigid ideology. They even called the ideology the Scientific Socialism. In the end it turned out, that this strange science was constantly trying to force reality to fit the ideology. The quintessence of communism was that it was not flexible and too monolithic to meet the realities of society.

After the demise of communism also capitalism, as we know it today, has come to a turning point. A point in history where priorities are set. What is more important, the short term balance sheet or the long term survival of the coming generations? The capitalist ideology of the limitless profit maximization is coming to an end. This ideology strives to grow vertically, which is only possible, when the world population remains small. But since world population grows the profits must grow horizontally. The profits must spread to reach every citizen of the world.

As it is today, capitalism does not put a limit to the goods it produces. The supply must be without limits and the quality of the goods must be limited, so the consumer must buy new goods. This is a waste of resources and energy. The solution would be the Sustainable society.

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  8. kiera

    One of the major problems with environmental meetings of this nature is that the dominant way of looking at environmental problems is through the prism of the free market. For the heads of states and their representatives the only possible solution is to impose market mechanisms.

    There is a long tradition of using such mechanisms as the answer to environmental problems, but they are particularly inappropriate when applied to the complex and urgent problem of climate change and global warming.

  9. Nina Meyer

    The solutions to the climate change crisis are relatively straightforward in principle, the real question is, can we ensure such measures are implemented before it is too late?

  10. Dr. Andrew Wiel

    There is one form of energy that is no solution to global warming-nuclear power. Until recently it looked as though in many countries, including Britain, the argument about the utter insanity of nuclear power had been won and it was being phased out.

    Now it seems some in the industry who would benefit from the huge profits to be made in building new nuclear power stations have managed to convince at least some politicians that nuclear power could be sold as an answer to climate change.

  11. Michael Garriel

    The US is responsible for the largest share of global greenhouse gas emissions and refuses to sign any international agreement on climate change.

    For many years US president George Bush and the oil companies behind him, especially the world’s largest, Exxon, have denied the reality of climate change, with Exxon using its financial muscle to ensure US politicians echo its message and funding scores of ‘scientists’ prepared to play its tune.

    Bush has changed tack a little in the last couple of years. His administration still questions the evidence of climate change. But they do now talk of greenhouse gas emissions probably leading to global warming and of the need for some action.

  12. Danniel K.

    The Hollywood film The Day After Tomorrow had many, many faults, but its basic premise is entirely plausible – global warming could lead to the interruption of a key circulation of ocean waters and thereby plunge the world into huge and relatively sudden (if not quite as quick as Hollywood producers demanded) climatic shifts which no society could withstand. Such sudden and large-scale shifts in climate are built into the kind of physical system the earth’s climate is. One way to picture it is to see the earth’s current climate as a ball in a mountain valley which is being pushed up the sides of the surrounding hills by global warming. The valley represents the general type of global climate the earth has had in the recent past. If it is pushed too far, to the top of one of the surrounding hills, it may not come back to the valley at all, ever, but instead roll off down the other side of the hill into entirely different terrain, a new and very different global climate.

  13. Ondai Kew

    Continued global warming will at some point have large-scale, relatively sudden and unpredictable impacts on global rainfall, wind and temperature patterns and on the related ocean water and heat circulation patterns.

    The details of these shifts are inherently unpredictable, but that they will occur with dramatic impact on global and local climate, agriculture and much else is beyond doubt. Changing climate will also see shifts in the global distribution of disease-carrying insects, with potentially huge impacts on human health. All of these effects would cause untold misery and immense social upheaval.

  14. Nacny Howard

    News headlines about severe storms, cold snaps, heatwaves, floods or hurricanes certainly focus debate and attention on climate change. It is impossible to link individual short term weather events with global warming. The earth’s climate system is far too complicated for such a simple mode of causation and prediction. But when such events coalesce into a general pattern, as seems to be happening today, the causal link with global warming is much clearer.

    Global warming is caused by the growing concentration in the atmosphere of a series of gases which act as a blanket, trapping the sun’s heat. By far the most important of these greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, and the main source of the extra carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas in power stations and in internal combustion engines.

  15. Paul

    Two terrible threats define the 21st century. One is imperialist war and all that follows in its bloody train. The other is the accelerating threat of catastrophic climate change.

    Few people today doubt the scale of the climate change threat – though some of the tiny minority of deniers happen to head the world’s most powerful government and the world’s biggest oil corporation.

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