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Tony Blair’s Way of Life

Posted by on Jan 28, 2011 in Ecology | 8 comments

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There was never really peace during the reign of humanity on earth. The reasons were always different but there was always one final answer – war.  Wars about a way of life. Either mine or yours!

Today it is a clash of cultures and the respective ways of life. The still very powerful way of the western culture is being challenged by many different ways of life. All the emerging Superpowers, like China, India and South America exert pressure on the western way of life. But as of now the Islamic fundamentalism is the most pressing problem for the west, because some Muslims are willing to employ terrorism against the west.  

What could be the reasons, that lead a person to blow him/herself up and to kill as many civilians as possible?  

The argument, that those people were brain washed sounds rather like an excuse and not like an explanation. The terrorists are only the visible tip of an Iceberg of a mass of frustrated, dissatisfied and humiliated people. People, who provide the terror with a infrastructure of, at least, sympathy and understanding. And those people are not just a few.  

Why are the people frustrated?    

Is it because the West, Europe as a former colonial power and now the USA always mingled in the internal affairs of whole continents? Africa and the Near East have been divided by the colonial powers withe a ruler. That’s why the borders are simply straight and the drawing of them were without regards to the people affected.  

Isn’t colonialism already a fight against the way of live of the colonized? Doesn’t the politics of the USA do the same? Congressman Ron Paul, a Republican, from Texas as a clear opinion about it.  

The former British prime minister Tony Blair (1) said in his second appearance before the British investigative panel on the Iraq War II, chaired by Sir John Chilcot: “The West has to get out of this – what I think is a wretched policy, or posture of apology, for believing that we are causing fact is that they are doing it because they disagree fundamentally with our way of life, and they will carry on doing it unless they are met with the requisite determination and, if necessary, force.”  

So colonialism has nothing to do with the situation? The arrogance of the West has nothing to do with it? Just now I follow the news about the unrest in Egypt. The population is really angry at the undemocratic government, which is supported by the West. Another example how the West defines democracy is Gaza. The Hamas was elected there democratically and as soon as it got into office, Israel and the West talked about toppling the government. This is a direct contradiction to the Sunday speeches of the West about exporting democracy into the world. All this is a matter of discussion in a more esoteric way, when we talk about the big picture, but the affects on the individual is ignored. This is exactly the kind of humiliation that has been mentioned before.  

Another form of humiliation is, that the West thinks is it’s prerogative to employ nuclear power to secure their energy future (2). Other countries, like Iran, do not have the same rights. Of course, nuclear power and nuclear weapons go hand in hand.  

It is not in the interest of the world to employ nuclear power. This is a technology, which is very dangerous if it gets out of control. Chernobyl in 1986 showed us what can happen. The more such technology is employed the chances grow that something bad will happen again. The only way to secure energy supply to a growing world population is to change our perception of the infrastructure. We have to get away from the centralized and megalomaniac infrastructure to a infrastructure of small circuit and a technology appropriate for human beings and nature. This is the quintessence of Sustainability.  

Mr. Blair said during his incumbency something in this respect.  

The blunt truth about the politics of climate change is that no country will want to sacrifice its economy in order to meet this challenge, but all economies know that the only sensible long term way of developing is to do it on a sustainable basis. (3) 
Perhaps Mr. Blair should think about what he said and try to find a way of sustainable life come true, instead of starting a new war!  


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