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And Yet Another Financial Crisis

Posted by on Aug 13, 2010 in Ecology | 7 comments

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On the June 28, 2010 issue the Time magazine published an article called The Other Financial Crisis. The gist of it being, that many states and municipalities in the USA are still suffering from the financial crises which started in the summer of 2008. And no end is in sight!

The interesting point is that preceding the crisis Oil Prices rose to 147 US-Dollar per barrel. As compared to 17 US-Dollars per barrel in 1999 and, and after some ups and downs to 70$ a barrel in 2009.

The high petroleum prices were actually a blessing for Alternative Energy. Which, of course, lost all appeal once oil prices fell again.

The aftermath of this crisis is not only limited to the United States but are felt all over the world, the article is just about an example. Municipalities are losing revenues and, as the magazine reports, Nebraska state senator Rich Pahls proposes to merge many of the state’s 93 counties. The idea was to centralize such diverse services such as boarding up courthouses, road maintenance, vehicle registration and even sheriffs’ offices.The bill died partly, so the Time, because it would seem too frank an acknowledgment of the passing of small-town America.

What the article did not mention, that it would have probably happened also  to the garbage collection and waste water treatment.

This means a waste of Inherent Energy! In regard of garbage collection, waste water treatment and power production the decentralized concept of the TOTEM System would be much more efficient then the conventional infrastructure. The cost of every single unit in the neighborhoods are manageable since every single unit is not built at the same time but successively. The TOTEM System can start to work in a short time and would return the investment would be almost immediately. This would help to finance the following TOTEM Systems. The initial investment would be much less then the investment for a conventional infrastructure which needs billions!

Side Remark!

The peculiar thing with the crisis of 2008 is, beside the fact that trillions of US-Dollars and Euro were used to stabilize banks, that even as the oil prices fell it did not help to push the economy forward. The crisis still prevails!

In the article in the Times, a young, 9 years old boy by the name of Campbell Jenkins of Charlotte, N.C., began writing letters of protest to the municipality, because the public libraries were to be closed for lack of funds. Not enough with this, he and his third-grade school mates  sold lemonade and donated their proceeds, $595 to the local library.

This is what we. at Nesseq, believe is Self-Help. Not in the sense of the Wikipedia link but more as a social movement, like the Loan Guaranty Fund. Don’t wait for politicians and businessmen to do something, do it yourself!

And if a 9year old boy can do it, we grown ups can do it too!

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