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Ahmadinejad, Wake Up!

Posted by on Apr 3, 2011 in Ecology | 6 comments

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Nuclear power was sold to us, the public, as the solution to the energy hunger of the world. The responsible people forgot to tell us, that nuclear power, just as nuclear weapons, are highly dangerous.

The accidents in the Fukushima Nuclear Power – FNP (1) plants in Japan, should always remind us human beings, that nature is not be be reckoned with. All three contiengecy plans at 3 nuclear power plants failed. At the same time!

A earthquake, with or without following Tsunami (2), can destroy any power plant. It just depends on the intensity of the quake. Just to keep it on record, a couple of weeks ago, Christchurch in New Zealand (3)suffered from an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale. New Zealand was comparativelly lucky. The material damage was extensive, but relativelly few people suffered.

The seaquake, with the following Tsunami in Japan, measured 9.0. The results are known, but the question remains, what magnitude is needed to destroy a power plant? If 7.0 are enough to destroy the whole infrastructure in Haiti (4), just about a year ago, than it could be enough to destroy anything. The argument, that the quality of building is very poor in Haiti and this led to such extensive destruction, is only partly right. The FNP’s in Japan must have been built to the highest standards. Anything less, would be criminal neglect! Without adhering to any conspiracy theory, it can be assumed, the highest standards were applied in the building and maintenance of the FNP in Japan. After all Japan is a 1. World country. There are only very few Countries, which have the technology to build in such a high standard. Fukushima was not built with the inferior technology of the former Soviet Union, with the result of Chernobyl (5) in 1986. Still, even the advanced technology of the Japanes failed in every repect.

Russian companies are helping now the Iranian (6) government to fullfill their nuclear aspirations. The Iranian nuclear plans are causing the 1.World some severe headaches. Would the Iranian government, now or in the future, use the facilities to build atomic bombs?

After Fukushima the question must be rephrased.

Is nuclear power not just as dangerous as nuclear weapons?

The difference power and weapons is converse. Nuclear power is, because of the sheer size, concentrated in few facilities, while nuclear weapons are small and many. But comparing the nuclear output of both, the sums would tend to be, more or less equal.

The question the world has to ask the Iranian government really wants to pursue it’s nuclear ambitions. Especially, since Iran is no stranger to massive earthquake (7). Actually, Iran is one of the areas in the world most affected by earthquakes, since major fault lines cover acout 90% of the country.

December 2010, magnitude 6.5! The epicenter was in the South-east Iran, in a sparsley populated area, which explaines the low number of fatalities – 7 death and hundreds injured.

December, 26. 2003, in the area of Bam, magnitude of 6.1 and left 30.000 dead, 30.000 injured and destroyed 85% of the infrastructure.

June, 20, 1990, magnitude 7.4 and it killed 40-50.000 people, injured 60.000 and left 400.000 or more homeless.

The wish, as the leaders in Teheran claim, to produce only electricity is commandable, because the oil wealth of Iran run out in a certain time and the country has to be prepared for such a future without oil. And it does not matter, that weapons will be built, or not, if a earthquake would damage on of the future nuclear plants in Iran. After all, Japan and Iran share the same fate with earthquakes. Although Japan is also plagued with frequent tsunamis. But to inflict damage to a reactor, a old fashioned eartquake suffices.

This is a chance to reason with the Iranian nomenclatura about abondoning their nuclear program. Not because the world is afraid of nuclear weapons, because the world is afraid of nuclear accidents!

But to succeed in the negotiation, an alternative and functioning model must be offered, which could make, not just, Iran independent from oil and from nuclear power!

Mr. Ahmadinejad and all the leaders in the world, wake up! Fukushima proves, that even civilian nuclear power is dangerous. And no one can tell, where the next earthquake will occure.

The Total Energy Modulation (TOTEM) System offers a way, which, is reliable in cases of natural disasters, because of it’s decentralized concept. The 2003 earthquake in Bam destroyed 85% of the infrastructure. This can’t happen with the TOTEM System. Not all independent units can get damaged in an earthquake!

And not just that, The TOTEM System would also help in the fight against the Climate Change.

A question to Mr. Ahmadinejad, and all devotees of any religion, whether it is right to damage Gods creation – nature, by potentially dangerous technologies?

For further reading:

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    why ahmadi has to wake up if he want’s to be remembert as an
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