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Again the TOTEM!

Posted by on Mar 16, 2011 in Totem | 10 comments

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The basic statement of the TOTEM System is, use what you have!

You don’t use muscles, than you have to use a machine. This constitutes a multiplied need for energy. The old saying, that if you had a brain, you would not have to use your muscles, is so not valid anymore. In times of Climate Change signs.

Use more muscles, means less technical energy is needed. And this is the declared goal of every ecological conscience person. Still many minor jobs, which do not demand much energy, are done by machines. Even if the bodily effort wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. If something has to be lift, a winch does the job. A winding tackle could do the job just as well. A person would use his/her Sweat Equity (1) in order to save as much energy as possible.

This does not mean, that people should be forced to labor again, just to save energy. It means, that not always a technical device is needed to do a certain job, if the Sweat Equity suffices.

The sweat equity is the biological TOTEM System (2). The technical one works on the same principle. Where human beings live a certain amount of Biomass is inevitably produced. The Biomass (3) consists of the feces, kitchen and garden garbage. It would be a blatant waste of the Inherent Energy of the Biomass not to ferment it and thus to produce Biogas. The Biogas (4) is burned and with the waste heat steam is produced, which runs a steam engine. And electricity is produced. The steam is led to the highest point, where it cools off and becomes water again. At this point, the water is chemically pure, it is Distilled Water. From the highest point, it could be the roof of a building, the water flows down and drives at each floor a water mill. More electricity is produced. The single units, could be even smaller than the water mill introduced in the Nano program on 3sat-TV. The losses on transportation from the single electricity generating electricity to the consumer will be minimized through the short ways!

If minerals are added to the distilled water it becomes potable again. This is an important point, since in wide areas of the world the supply of electricity and potable water are almost non existent. This is especially true for areas stricken by natural disasters. Furthermore the TOTEM System could help to keep the area hygienic.

After every major earthquake somewhere in the world, one can hear voices warning us, to get prepared for a possible earthquake. Very well, but what exactly would you do, what the Japanese have not already done? And still, they were not prepared for such an assault of nature.

We at are much more modest. We only want to find a simple technical solution, how to save as much energy as possible. As an ideal, it could be called a Zero-loss Tolerance. It is an unreachable ideal, but still it should be the goal. To get to the limits of the physical possible.

The TOTEM Systems are a network of independent recycling facilities, in which also energy is produced. In the best case, every neighborhood or urban quarter should have one. Ways are shortened and energy is saved. Jobs are created and human, and not technical, energy is used again.

Because of the relative smallness of the TOTEM System, it can also be used for disaster areas. And this would mean to be prepared for all possible contingencies.

For further reading:

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  1. John Krolick

    I saw this really fantastic post today.Your blog post is very cogent and makes a number of good points.

  2. Daniell Whaler

    Hi and many thanks for the comment you still left on my blog, i’ve also bookmarked your internet site and can return as i uncovered the data within your internet page just like a very good source to my very own pup regards Eddie

  3. Lili Batten

    By the way, in fact as I had been arguing with my buddy concerning this, he had trouble listening to me. It came to the point where I was starting to feel I’m incorrect lmao. I know that I’m right now 😀

  4. John Hinker

    Holllllawaka Max,

    I am BACK !! wow, i just came back yesterday to EARTH !! i am sending you the best regards from my alien friends the Savariwakaians nation.

    Your planet is getting crazier !! look what’s going on in JAPAN !!! I am happy to be back on earth, but so sad to see how humans destroying this beautiful planet.

    i have new ideas for your totem i built in X4513 planet, I don’t have much time now, i guess the goverment is watching me, but don’t worry, i will get in touch with you soon.

    I have new plans for your TOTEM, and how to use the savariwakaians technology.

    • Admin (Max)

      Hi John,
      welcome back. How was it. Did your friends, who are so much more advanced, show you how to solve our problems on earth? If not, please ask them the next time you meet them. I would be really interested.
      All the best,

  5. Susan Craig

    Max, forget about this Totem nosense PS which is existing “In existence or operation at the time under consideration”, let’s talk about what’s more important, YOU !!

    I have heared about Max Nadel’s drug and addiction problems, and since you are a father, I felt I wanted to share some of my experiences with you, having a drug addicted parent. It wouldn’t be a very long message.

    I just want to be of help. I don’t need to hear back from you and I am NOT seeking access to you. If my message can be passed along, I won’t mind if other people read it.

    We have met in in 2007, thank you for opening my eyes.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Susan,
      thank you for your concern. You say, we met in 2007. I do not remember. Where did we meet? And how would you know about anny drug problems of me, if I don’t even know about it. Rest assured, my problem are not drugs, but tobacco. And by the way, I am not a father!
      All the best,

  6. 通姦

    my sentiments and I will instantly snatch your rss feed to be updated on any upcoming content you may publish,I am really fan of your web?2

  7. Roland Schulze

    Hi Max,

    hope you receive this message shortly.
    we are visiting Dingle this weekend.

    Do you have time to join us !!??

    Kind regards


    • Admin (Max)

      Hu? Roland?
      I don’t remember you. And where is this Dingle? Let me know, who you are and where Dingle is and I will make every effort to join you there. If I can’t make it, enjoy yourself without me.

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