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Adieu Climate Summit 2010

Posted by on Dec 12, 2010 in Ecology | 17 comments

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The Climate Summit 2010 in Cancun/Mexico is coming to an end and the outcome is as was expected. Letters of intent. It is the declared intention to cut down on the CO2 emissions. But how to achieve this goal remains in the dark.

The developing countries shall be supported in this task. While in the developed countries the the ways remain as they are. Although in an ecological and sustainability context the developed countries are also just developing countries. Especially since the highly developed system is exactly the reason that we are in such a mess. And this very system is being transferred to the poor and developing countries.

The responsibility of the so called underdeveloped countries is the exorbitant Population Growth.

But for this also the rich countries are to a big part to be blamed. If the politics of development would have been more efficient in the last decades, the poor countries wouldn’t be as poor as they are and, according to the Demographic-Economic Paradox, the birth rate could be already much lower.

The Climate summit does not question the prevalent system of infrastructure. Still One power plant is providing the energy for a huge area. Even all the Solar Panels on all the roofs in the area do not change the system. One waste water purification plant is purifying all the waste water of a whole area. That the sewage pipes are breaking and the polluted water sippes into the ground water does not disturb the high and mighty. This are only two examples of an outdated way of thinking. And the climate summit does not provide an alternative way of thinking. That is not the way to solve our problems.

Another important issue is the private transportation sector. Considering that world population will soon reach 9 billion people it inconceivable that transportation will be by relying solely on privatly owned cars.

Does the climate summit mention those facts?

Nothing like that is being heard. Where are the concepts and plans how to change our whole industry and products?

Does anyone who constantly talks about sustainability, talk also what to do with all the people who will lose their jobs if the industry will be a different one.

Who are the pundits who do not talk about a sustainable capitalism? Today the prevailing thought in capitalism is how to maximize the profits, no matter the the collateral damage to nature. As can be seen by the huge oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico or the Red Sludge in Hungary this year. Damages, for which the future will have to pay their dues to nature and society.

And this are only some points which are not talked about in public. But those points are important indicators in which direction global society has to move to meet the demands of the future.

But we should not worry too much. The flying climate summit circus will meet next year again and the politicians will try to make us believe that things are going the way they should and our problems will be solved in the near future. They just have to talk about it long enough, until the right ideas hit them.

Until then humanity and nature have to wait in endless patience!

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  1. Mira

    Holy sizhnit, this is so cool thank you.

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    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Amelia,
      I don’t know the connection between your and mine weblog. But if you back link to Nesseq, you may do as you please.
      Happy new year,

  3. fashion girl

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  5. Kiera Krenvy

    You all living in one big illusion called “Climate Change”.

    You Mr. Max need a change in your head maybe, get a real job and stop writting PS to people.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Kiera,
      how do you know that Climate Change is an illusion?
      Thanks anyway,

      • Kiera Krenvy

        OH come on MAX, You know veyr well that Climate Change is a big lie and you are just into it, there is no (not even one) scientific proof about this “climate change” existence.

        There is something we call “Circle of the Earth” this is it, seasons comes and go, this is continuous change for the climate, and this change is normal.

        You and your bodies are just sellign lies and theories, even your TATAM sytem thing is just theory, so ?? who is the one who is living in illusion ?

        • Admin (Max)

          Hi Kiera,
          as much as there is no prove that the Climate Change is happening, there is also no prove that it does not happen.
          The question is, if there is a possibility that the climate is changing for the worse of humanity, than we all have to do something against it. If it turns out that the climate has not changed, what have we lost? Nothing! But if we don’t do anything and it turns out that the climate is changing, who takes responsibility?
          As you mention yourself, the climate is constantly changing. You call it Circle of Earth, I call it Geo-history. And Geo-history shows many examples of climate change which were, to put it mildly, difficult to survive.

          • Kiera Krenvy

            So you agree with me that there is no such thing called “climate change”.

            I see you also ignored the face that your tatam thing is also a fantasy 🙂 🙂

            Have a nice day.

            p.s. i love reading your articles, nice written words, but free advice : take off the part you talk about theories such as tatam system thing, because its not relevant when its only in theory.

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