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ABC Warfare against Nature

Posted by on Apr 13, 2011 in Ecology | 1 comment

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In a time, as Fukushima glows, nations such as Iran still cling to their nuclear ambitions. Chernobyl in the Ukraine, 1986, and now Fukushima show very clearly the dangers of nuclear technology.  Even when this technology is only utilized for civilian purposes and neither a technical failure or a natural catastrophe leads to a meltdown, this technology is nonetheless very, very dangerous. Until today no one really knows what to do with the radioactive waste. Where is a safe place on earth, to store material, which will still be emitting harmful radiation in thousands of years?

What about the biological and chemical component in the all out war of humanity against nature?

The biological warfare against nature is the growing world population (1).

At around the year 1 B.C.E. about, the scholarly estimates differ, 150 – 300 million people were living on earth. Until the second millennium the figures have not changed much.  At the turn from the 18. to the 19. century the number of people to live at the same time on earth reached 1 billion. A hundred years later, at the beginning of the 20. century, it reached 1.6 billion. Another hundred years later, a mere 11 years ago, world population counted almost 7 billion and in the middle of this century it will be 9 billion people. A growth rate of around 30%! If this is not called a biological assault on nature. than what?

The chemical component of the war against nature is manifold. First, there is the plastic humans produce and consume and discard without regard to nature. The oceans become the greatest garbage dump in the world, like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (2) and the Atlantic ocean has exactly the same problem (3). Second, the pollution of the air by all the exhaust by cars, industry and power plants. Not to mention cigarette smoke, which shouldn’t be underestimated. 

To meet the needs of the growing world population, more energy is needed, more food must be produced. More chemicals will be used to ensure the harvest. More plastic will have to be used so natural raw material, such as wood, will not be needed as much as today. These are only some examples of how human kind is waging war against nature. A new model of sustainability must be developed in a rapidly changing world. Until now no such model really exists. The TOTEM System (4), as introduced by Nesseq, would be a first step in order to find a new way of co-existence with nature. Instead the ABC war against nature goes on unabatedly!



For further reading:

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2. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

3. Great Atlantic Garbage Patch

4. TOTEM System

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