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A Personal Note 30. May 2010

Posted by on May 30, 2010 in Memos | 6 comments

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Again the time has come to thank the readers for their support and criticism.

Although some of the critics lately accused me of trying to earn a lot of money with my site and then…..what?

I admit that in order to realize all the ideas introduced here in this website millions of US-Dollars or Euros wouldn’t be enough. Alone the GIRP – Greek Island Reforestation Project would eat up billions.

But it would be worthwhile!

Secondly, I think if I could invest all of my time in this website, instead of working to earn money, it would just improve the website. Also it would also be nice to pay my webmasters Sami and Nimrod, who also invest a lot of time in helping me with Nesseq.

Right now they are doing it without pay.

But for how long?

Mr. Brown G. suggests that I should try to get into politics. As much as I feel flattered by Mr. Brown’s confidence in me, I believe this to be unnecessary. Politics is too shortsighted for changing society. The date of expiry for politics is exactly the time until the next elections. What I try to do with this website, is to convince the people that there is another way of doing things. Which is not necessarily in contradiction to politics.

And this is to remind the people of their own abilities, of the Inherent Energy within ourselves.

We don’t have to wait for anybody, we just have to find like minded people in our town and neighborhood and start doing the things which have to be done. If we succeed politics and business will follow suit.

And then we really have done something!

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  1. quick loan

    hey there I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up and I’ll be back to read more soon mate

  2. Ovel Inad

    Thank you for a very clear and helpful post. I am definitely a violator of many of these rules. I often find myself conflicted when writing a blog post because I see myself writing more than people want to read, but I feel that I have to do the subject matter justice by thoroughly covering it. I feel that by following some of these rules I end up cutting out important aspects to the discussion. I guess you have to find a balance.

  3. make easy gold as dk

    Such a well written post.. Thnkx for sharing this post!

  4. Nancy

    Keep the great work max, and i am sure your ideas will see the light today or tomorow, don’t give up, nothing always about money in life.

    p.s. your site ROCKS big time.

    • Admin (Max)

      Thank you for your support Nancy.
      You are right about the money. Money is only the means and not the end. And as an ecologist I try not to buy things which are detrimental to ecology.

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