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A Open Letter to Bernie Sanders

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Bernie SandersThis is the transcript to the video with the same title on Youtube.

Dear Mr. Sanders,
it is a little late to tell you how sorry I am about the election. But facts are what they are and we have to live through history.

Still, I am glad, that you do not give up. Bernie TV seems to be quite successful, watched by millions. I heard your numbers are the envy of the cable news. Congratulations!
Many people are yearning in this uncertain times for directions, for unity. For a moral compass to show us the way into the future. You Sir, inspire optimism and it would be a shame if a opportunity would be squandered. I mean the Worker Co-operatives, the third step of your Agenda for America.

The other day I read, you are going to work on your own health care bill. I can understand, that this is a pressing problem. The health care reform is complicated and will need a long time to get passed in congress. It is very likely, that during the health care debate, or rather debacle, the idea of the Worker Cooperatives will be forgotten.

Compared to the other problems facing the USA the 3rd step of your Agenda for America is easy solve. The legal framework already exist and only need some minor adjustments.
The idea of co-operatives is not contested by either party and bipartisan support should be possible.
The best about the Co-operative is, that no one can really oppose the idea. After all, jobs will be created and it is not a government program.

To work out what has to be done, we have to find out why we want Worker Co-operatives.
I, for my part, am not approaching the topic as a social romantic. As an Ecologist I am only interested in saving as much energy as possible!
Social justice is a byproduct, the goal is to get prepared for Climate Change.

One important way to save energy is to let people do the work instead of utilizing machines. To be clear, I am all for using technology to make work easy for people. But it is senseless to make people redundant and then complain about unemployment.

You use the term Worker Co-operatives and I understand the rational behind it, but it is too generic.
I would suggest to start with a Micro-housing Co-operative to establish a model for a sustainable neighborhood. An Urban Village, a Kibbutz in the city.

Sustainability means some things have to change, let us start at the bottom, the infrastructure.
The Urban Village has to have its own, closed circuit, infrastructure in regards to energy supply, clean water and waste treatment. Garbage and sewage.
As E. F. Schumacher already said a long time ago: “Small is beautiful!”

We have not much choice, if something is part of the problem, than we have to try something new. If the infrastructure is failing because it is too big, let us try it small.
In the Urban Village we have the potential to be highly energy-efficient with an own infrastructure.
An interesting point is, the concept can be also implemented on houseboats. Just in case the level of the seas will really rise.

In the Agenda for America, you wrote that a bank should be established to finance the co-operatives. Again, this is complicated and takes too much time. Instead of another bank I would suggest to establish the Loan-Guaranty Fund – LGF. Or rather many of them.

The LGF is simple idea and can be implemented almost immediately since it relies on the goodwill of a handful of people in co- operation with local banks.
How many cities in the USA have 1 million, or more, inhabitants? It shouldn’t be too difficult to find in each city 1.000 people, who are willing to invest 1.000 US-Dollars for 10 years in a closed account. That fund, or only the expected interest, is the collateral for loans the bank is granting to the Co-operatives.
Every LGF is free to define its own goals and terms. The LGF can have as many members as they want and every city can have many LGF’s.

The legal requirements shouldn’t be too complicated and I am certain, that if you would put your mind to it, a bill could be worked out in less time than a new health care bill.
In the meantime the health care issue is not going anywhere. It’s going to be a long struggle and you, with striving Worker Co-operatives in the background, will have much more influence in the debate.

Dear Mr. Sanders, I am not an american citizen and I can only observe, through the media, what happens in the USA right now. And yes, I am worried. Worried about the roll back of the environmental regulations. The environment of the USA is a local matter but still of global interest. I am worried, that America is giving up the global leadership in almost every aspect but the military. But there is nothing I can do about it. You Sir can do more than anybody else. You seem the only politician in the USA that young people can relate to, someone they can believe in.
You are in a unique position to move something in the right direction.
The revival of Co-operatives in the USA can become a beacon for the whole world!
I hope you will consider my proposals and will do something with it.
I wish you all the best and keep up the good work.

Max Nadel


This is all for to day. If you like the message, subscribe, like, share, comment and co-operate.
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You can find the link to down in the description.
Until the next time, I am Max Nadel for
Bye, bye.

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