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A Glimpse into the Future

Posted by on May 7, 2010 in Ecology | 1 comment

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No one knows what the future holds for us. And perhaps it is better so.

But the future is built on the past and the present and today there are some indicators which are quite disturbing.

The Climate Change is a very real possibility and it is expected that the world population will grow until the year 2050 to 9 billion people. According the comment of the post Society and Climate Change by Angelina Alioto about 3.1 billion people live today in close vicinity, about 100 miles-150kilometers, of the the sea shore. This is 44% of the present population.

If this rate remains constant by the year 2050 about 9 billion people will live on earth. Almost 4 billion of them will live near the coasts of the seas.

One of the possible effects of the Climate Change is the rising of the sea level. The livelihood of all those people  living near the sea will  be in hazard. People living right near the waters will have to move. Whole cities will become New Venice’s.

The only thing missing is the romantics. Live will be impossible there. The infrastructure will be under water, sewage, power supply, drink water supply and, of course, the streets. In addition the storms will gather more energy from the warmed up seas and will be more fierce.

The notion that the people will just move to the hinterland is illusive. The inhabitants of the hinterland will have enough problems of their own and will not be too willing to put up with ecological refugees. Can someone imagine where the Dutch people will flee, when their country will be swallowed by the sea?

The Dutch are only about 16.5 million people. But what about the 125-143 million people who live in the Ganges Delta?

Let us not forget, we are talking about 4 billion people all together in the near future!

This is only one point what could happen in the future if the climate is really changing. The changes on human society will be so profound that it would be prudent to get prepared now!

The ideas of Nesseq, like the TOTEM System and the CML – Center for Maritime Living could be the beginning.

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  1. Andy

    great article max 🙂 as usual, enjoy reading your work.

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