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2012 – The End of the World?

Posted by on Jun 3, 2011 in Climate Change | 8 comments

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Is the year 2012 the end of the World? Some people believe it to be so, because the Mayan calender (1) ends at 2012. This is enough reason for some people to panic. If the Mayan calender stops here, it means the end of the world! In fact, December 2012 just ends the B’ak’tun, a period of time in the Mayan calender, after which starts a new period. And so the calendar goes on and on.
It is simply a calender, which measures time and stops at a certain date. Just because the calendar stops, it does not mean the end of time. The world existed without calendars until man invented them. And the world will carry on long after humanity has vanished from the face of the earth. The believe that doomsday is impending is not limited to the Mayan calendar. Some sects commit even mass suicide in anticipation of the end of the world (2), because a comet is passing our planet or some other strange reasons. To name just a few such sects, Heaven’s Gate, Order of the Solar Temple, People’s Temple. In 1998 the police foiled a mass suicide (3) in Tenerifes/Spain.
What about the signs of Climate Change? Climate Change is a probability and people do not panic. They carry on like nothing out of the ordinary happens. They do not commit suicide because of it. And this is good so. Still the question remains, why do people remain phlegmatic in view of a Climate Change and others are ready to throw away their lives for some irrational believe that the end of the world is near?
If some people kill themselves for any reason, they should seek professional counsel before they do anything stupid. But not do do anything, about something which is much more probable than anything described before, is also not really healthy and mature behaviour. On the contrary, there is some uncanny similarities to the people who are ready to commit suicide and the dangers of Climate Change. If Climate Change is a probability it means that our way of live is heading towards a global calamity and many people will die. Some people, like Prof. Frank Fenner (4), believe that humanity will become extinct in about one hundred years. If Climate Change can be averted and is not it could be called a slow mass suicide!
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    Finally, someone who has the exact same views on this as me. Thanks for posting.

  7. Christina Carabini

    ……..Many people in the media and elsewhere use the terms climate change and global warming interchangeably as if they were the same thing.

    • Admin (Max)

      Dear Christina,
      many thank’s for your comment. I would like to ask you to elaborate on your take about the difference of climate change and global warming. For me Climate Change is the result of Global Warming. How do you see it?
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