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1. World System

Posted by on Mar 24, 2011 in Ecology | 2 comments

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The technology of the 1. World (1) plays a big part in the wake of a possible Climate Change (2). But it is not just the technology, it is the whole system, in which technology is one of the decisive parts.

The 1. World is transferring their system to the 3. World (3), although it is obvious, that this system does not function properly. Would our system work as it should, our natural environment would remain undisturbed and a Climate Change would be a far away possibility.

If a Climate Change should happen, it would be the prove, that our system malfunctions. But it can’t be scientifically proven, that the Climate Change is happening. Or, that it is caused by human activity. The uncertainty about cause and affect, gives us a the opportunity to deny and to suppress our foreboding of doom.

The 1.World system in the 3. World is good for the 1. World. The developed countries sell their technology and infrastructure to the, so called, underdeveloped countries. This is a good business for all, except, the people and the environment. The damage to nature is extensive, no doubt about it. And still, after more than 50 years of development policies, the majority of the world population lives in poverty.

This is a declaration of bancrupcy and incompetence.

But this is not all. The developed countries still sell the same technology and infrastructure to the poor countries. To build one dam for Hydroelectric power, or to build a factory or any of this mega projects, is much more sexy than to sell many small scale technology. This also leads the poor countries into a double dependency. On the one hand, the spare parts usually comes from the same country as the facility. The second dependency is the debt, which the underdeveloped country pays back the investment.

All this for a system, that does not work.

The debt redemption forces the underdeveloped countries to build a system, which is not appropriate for the location. For instance, a technology, which works in California does not have to work in Alaska. Or as my cousin told me, a Danish company built a Biogas (4) facility in Israel. Both, producer and buyer only forgot to consider one point. Where do they have problems with sand in Denmark? On the beach, perhaps but not in the country. How different is it in Israel. This land is sandy, no doubt about it and the sand caused the aforementioned Biogas facility a lot of headache.

This example is in all probability not unique and will be happening all the time, without anyone knowing it. Another example is the nuclear power facility Fukushima/Japan (5). When it was built the responsible parties were blinded by the capacity of the plant. Both in a matter by the possible electrical output. And of course, the corresponding profits.

Just a pity, they forgot, that a nuclear plant is always problematic, as Chernobyl (6) and Three Mile Island (7) have shown. It It is even more problematic, in areas, which are prone to earthquakes and Tsunamis as Japan.

The solution, would be to sell small facilities, as the TOTEM System (8), to the poor countries. Thus the initial investment would be much smaller and accordingly the debts and the dependency. The system could grow successively and the incision into society and nature would be less harmful.

Interesting in the following clip is, that they have 3 emergency contingencies and neither worked at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Even Professor Akira Omoto admits, that the planning staff did not take some possibilities into account. Thank you very much, now we know better!


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